Tanning for Everybody & Every Body

We sat down with Sarah Nicole from @thebirdspapaya to talk about body positivity, the importance of teaching her children self-love and about feeling confident in your own skin - grab your tissues for this one!
Tanning for Everybody & Every Body

Hi Sarah! Tell us your journey to loving the skin you’re in.

It came from losing 100lbs, then losing another 10lbs and still not finding comfort, happiness or joy in my skin. I just kept evolving my hate for it. Something had to change and I needed to be the one to change it. Through self care and practicing changing the conversations within myself I began to heal. 

Why is taking care of your skin important?

Because it’s part of nourishing your body. An intentional act of love. 

What do you love most about your skin?

Probably my freckles spattered in different places. 

What is your #1 tip for someone who doesn’t love being in their own skin?

To surround themselves with positive messages to help carve the path ahead of them. Detox your newsfeed from things that may be red flags for you, and keep company with empowering people. Most important, be kind to yourself and own your decisions for YOUR body. 

What does being confident mean to you?

Confidence is just the voice that reminds you of your truths. That you are worthy. Just as much as anyone else.  

How has your life changed since learning to love your body and your skin?

I just feel like so much pressure is off of me. I’m more confident. More relaxed. Wasting less time on my waist size and more on helping women see themselves as beautiful. 

As a mother why is it important to teach your children about self-love as they grow up? 

After my daughter was called fat in school a couple years ago I was devastated, remembering my own experiences like that as I kid. I began intentionally changing the conversations we had in our home to more positive messages. Words like “strong” and “kind” and “loving” became power words. 

What is it that you love about Luna Bronze?

When I have an event and I haven’t planned much for it, a few times I’ve been faced with a need for quickly tanned skin. It sets so nicely that I can be out the door in no time. Plus the tanning mitt is the best I have ever tried. Ever ever. 

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