Some days, we are happy to sit around marinating in tan with a baggy tee and a good Netflix series. Other days though, we don’t have time to laze around. We’d prefer to pop on a tan and walk out the door with a fresh, fuss-free glow, ready to take on the day. Lucky for you, our Radiant Self Tanning Lotion is the answer to all your prayers! 

Luna Bronze Radiant Self Tanning Lotion

This baby is a natural and organic self-tanning lotion that delivers an illuminating bronze upon application, and deepens to an even richer hue over the next 12 hours. You can enjoy the dual benefits of a beautiful tan coupled with gloriously healthy skin. No need to rinse before popping your clothes on. Simply rub into the skin, let it dry and go!
You’re probably asking, what makes Radiant so special? Well, It contains a delicious, hydrating blend of natural and organic oils to nourish and replenish the skin while your tan develops. Thanks to the natural caramel extract, it gives you an instant and subtle glow on application. Not only does it feel and look amazing, but it smells divine. Lingering citrus notes of mandarin, orange blossom and lemon myrtle will leave you smelling like a fruity dream. 
Luna Bronze Tanning
Following on from these benefits (and we don’t mean to boast), but Radiant is also 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly AND Australian made. You can feel good knowing you are supporting the planet and the animals, while getting your confidence up and your glow on. 
Now let’s talk more about how to use this baby.

Step 1:
As always, prep the skin at least 24 hours before application. For details on the best way to prep, see our blog Tanning Tips for Beginners here. 

Step 2:
Apply Radiant with either your hands or our Self Tanning Mitt
Thankfully, when this product comes into contact with the hands, it won’t leave them looking like a hot mess (yes, we have all been there). If you are opting to use your hands though, ensure you wash them thoroughly with soap after application.

Applying Tanning Lotion

Step 3: 
Allow the product to fully absorb before dressing or coming into contact with fabrics. Radiant will not leave you feeling sticky or uncomfortable. As soon as your skin is dry, you can go about your day and trust that your tan looks fabulous. 

LB Tip: We recommend not wearing your best white outfit until after you’ve rinsed off to ensure no colour transfers or stains onto your clothes.

Step 4: 
For optimal results, allow the tan to develop for 12 hours before rinsing off. 

LB TIP: We recommend rinsing your tan off with warm or cool water. Showering in hot water actually dehydrates the skin, meaning your tan will flake off easier. This can lead to a patchy complexion and a colour that is less than perfect, which nobody wants! 

Pat the skin dry with a clean towel after stepping out of the shower, and there you have it, a beautiful glow. 

Radiant Self Tanning Lotion is your go-to product that is truly unique in its benefits. Get your hands on it today and see the results for yourself!


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