Our Foolproof Guide to Self Tanning for Brides

It's the big day, and you want to look your best! You've got the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, and the hair, but what about your skin? A subtle glow can make a world of difference, and with self-tanner, you can achieve the perfect tan for your wedding day!

Our Foolproof Guide to Self Tanning for Brides

It's the big day, and you want to look your best! You've got the dress, the shoes, the jewellery, and the hair, but what about your skin? A subtle glow can make a world of difference, and with self-tanner, you can achieve the perfect tan for your wedding day without any any tell tale stains.

Picking your self tanner for your wedding is just like picking the perfect wedding dress. It’s going to take time, you need to try it on a few different times, and you’ve got to absolutely LOVE IT.

But that’s what we’re here for! We’re here to make your self tan journey for your wedding day an absolute breeze, as we know how many other things you have going on.

First things first, let’s figure out which self tanner will be for you!

Wondering which self tan you should use on your wedding day?


Our faithful and trusty Glow Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is our top self tan for brides. Glow is a gradual tanning moisturiser that develops a natural looking glow with each application that’s enriched with hydrating and nourishing oils that look after and give back your skin. With its clear formula, there is ZERO transfer, and the colour is completely customisable depending on how much glow you’d like! Glow is perfect for self tan beginners and those with fair-light skin tones, as it gives you the most subtle boost of radiance for your special day. Start applying Glow a few days before your big day and you’ll have a perfect bronzed glow and seriously smooth, supple skin by the time you’re walking down the aisle.


Our Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse is for our intermediate to advanced bronzers, who are after that deeper, ‘just came back from vacation’ glow without the sun damage. Total Eclipse is a dark, express tanning mousse that develops a beautiful, olive based glow in just 1-3 hours. Also enriched with skin loving natural oils, our Total Eclipse has our essential oil blend scent of lemon myrtle, orange blossom and mandarin, which means there are NO NASTY FAKE TAN SMELLS. If you’re looking to take your skin to the next level for your wedding day, Total Eclipse will be your match. Our hot tip with any of our tanning mousses is to apply the day before your wedding so you can focus on other things like sipping champagne while get your hair and makeup done!

Here’s how to apply your wedding day tan:


Including tanning tools in your wedding day tan routine is an absolute MUST for a flawless and undetectable self tan. 4 essential tanning tools you need:

  • Exfoliating Mitt
  • Tanning Mitt
  • Self Tan Back Applicator
  • Contour Blending Brush

A few notes before we dive into wedding tan land!

Firstly, we recommend trialling your tanners prior to your wedding, so you know exactly what your results will look like and you can nail your glow. Secondly, for the big day, we recommend applying your tanner 1-2 days prior to your wedding.

Alright, into the juicy part 👇

Step 1: Exfoliation

For the perfect tan, you need the perfect base, and exfoliating and shaving prior to your tanning application will ensure that you have a smooth and flawless base ready for self tanning. Regular use of our exfoliating mitt will help to remove dead skin cells, dry skin and other skin imperfections and will prevent you from developing those not so cute dark dots on your skin after applying your tan. For best results, exfoliate the around 12-24 hours prior to your tan application!

Step 2: Time To Tan

Once you’ve picked your favourite self tanner for the day, it’s time to get your glow on!

If you’re using one of our tanning mousses, grab your tanning mitt, pump your favourite tanner on to the mitt, and blend the tan in circular motions until it’s evenly applied over the body. Personally, we love starting at our feet and working our way up the body. Once the tan has developed to the recommended or preferred amount of time, lightly rinse under warm water without soaps or body wash, until the water runs clear. Gently pat dry and avoid rubbing your skin so as not to interfere with the tan.


For these tricky spots, we recommend using our Contour Blending Brush. It's so fluffy and easy-to-use! Simply pump a small amount of tanner on the brush and lightly brush over your hands and feet ensuring you’re getting into your fingers, toes and ankles blending it in with the rest of your body.


Good Night Face Bronzing Serum to the rescue! Our tanning drops are the best face tanner to use on your wedding day, as it works to give you a radiant glow, whilst hydrating, nourishing and brightening your complexion. Simply mix your serum in with your favourite moisturiser before bed, and wake up with a wedding ready glow!

Step 3: Wedding Ready Glow 

Once you’ve allowed your tanner to develop, simply wash it off in the shower. If you’re seeing your tan go down the drain, do not stress! It’s all the excess bronzer washing down the drain, and your tan will continue to develop over the following few hours.

And Voila ✨You are wedding day ready!✨

To get the most out of your wedding day tan, we’ve left some really important notes we need you to read!

TIP 1: 

Each time you shower, when drying, make sure you lightly pat your skin and do not vigorously rub. We want to treat your wedding day tan with care, so please be gentle!

TIP 2: 

Make sure you moisturise daily. We want your skin to be absolutely glowing, and yes, your skin will be golden AF after using a tanner, but to extend the life of your glow and to give your skin the boost it needs, make sure you’re loving it back with a skin-loving body lotion.

If you’re after a natural bronzed glow on your wedding day, Luna Bronze has the best self tan for brides. We want you to feel loved, feel confident and most importantly, FEEL GOO Don your special day.

Got a LB wedding day tan you want to share with us? Leave us a review with your photo and you’ll receive a special gift from us!

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