'Fake' Tanning Does Not Have to be a Dirty Word

It's time to stop calling this fake tanning and start calling it skincare...


'Fake' Tanning Does Not Have to be a Dirty Word

It's time to stop calling this "fake tanning" and time to start calling it Skincare.

We’ve all experienced it: the orange wells on the fingers. The streakiness around the ankles. The dry, flaking skin and that nasty tell-tale smell. That sinking feeling as you desperately try to scrub your orange fake tan off.

For years there has been a stigma around ‘fake tanning’ thanks to products with harsh chemicals and ineffective results. People who wanted to achieve a natural, sunless glow whilst still caring for their skin had no available options.

And then came Luna Bronze. And self-tanning totally changed.

Voted the Australian Readers’s Choice in the 2016 Cosmopolitan Fake Tan Awards, Luna Bronze has changed the self-tanning game. Luna Bronze has created a range of sunless tanners that build the perfect bronze glow with a heavy focus on skin care, believing that supple, soft and hydrated skin is a necessary base for any self-tan.

The chemicals in other self-tanning products remove natural oils from the skin, causing it to become dry and flakey (which in turn assists the orange streaking!). This chemical induced dry skin can cause irritation, rough looking skin and in extreme cases, eczema.

Luna Bronze founders Rhiannon and Maddy agree it was ludicrous to them that you would protect your skin from the sun only to lather it in chemicals if you wanted to maintain a bronzed glow. “We wanted to have both a healthy looking sunless tan and healthy skin”, said Rhiannon. “As there wasn’t any product that provided a sunless tan and skin benefits, we decided to make our own”.

Made in Australia, Luna Bronze only uses premium natural and organic ingredients that provide serious skin care. Composed of active ingredients such as organic aloe vera, coconut oil, goji berries , rosehip oil and jojoba seed oil, Luna Bronze has created a multitasking miracle that hydrates, nourishes, firms and tones your skin. The beautiful bronze colour consists of 100% natural DHA that builds evenly to create the perfect, natural looking self-tan.

Luna Bronze also smells incredible. The unique blend of lemon myrtle, ylang ylang flower and mandarin peel oils means that Luna Bronze is a self-tanning product that you actually want to smell like.

Luna Bronze currently has a sunless tanning moisturizer that builds a gradual, even tan. An instant tan and moisturising lotion are to be released later this year.

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